GnuCOBOL Guides

including the exceptional works of Gary Cutler

GnuCOBOL Guides

Welcome to some of the works by Gary Cutler, Brian Tiffin, Bill Klein, László Erdős, Arnold Trembley, Edward Hart, and Simon Sobisch

GnuCOBOL is a COBOL compiler, a GNU free software project

Compiler authors include
  • Keisuke Nishida, Roger While
  • Ron Norman, Sergey Kashyrin, Edward Hart, Dave Pitts, Simon Sobisch
  • Joe Robbins, Philipp Böhme, Vince Coen, Luke Smith, Brian Tiffin

Start Here with Gary's Guide, Updated by Vince Coen

In GNU Info form. View with info -f once saved locally.
In HTML form
Brian's FAQ and HOWTO
Edward Hart's GnuCOBOL grammar documentation

Add Arnold's GnuCOBOL MinGW Build and Test guides

And Bill's getting to grips with Windows, given POSIX based OpenCOBOL

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